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Giavanna, was born full term. However, due to complication of delivery she had a long stay in the NICU following birth. She developed hypertonia, which is a condition characterized by rigid muscles, difficulty with mobility and flexing, and muscle tension when resting. 

Simple daily tasks such as dressing her proved to be a challenge, because her arms and legs were tight and did not bend and flex as an average infants do.

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Hippo What?

The offer came like a lighting bolt from the blue. A request was made to my Stroke Survivors group for a possible volunteer or two to explore a specialized form of therapy called Hippotherapy. Hippo what? A little word search reveled the Greek word “hippos” meaning horse and that hippotherapy was a treatment or therapy aided by a horse. This I had to see.

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We started attending Dream Riders in February 2016 and it was by far the best choice we made. Domenic is 3 years old and suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke at 4 1/2 months old. A couple months later he was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. We were in countless amounts of therapy but one thing we struggled with was getting Domenic to weight bear on his legs. 

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Our family started at Dream Riders when a family friend, who is a dream rider’s employee, brought up at a party that she worked at an equine facility. My Son Jon has a rare genetic disorder with a secondary diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy but is highly functional. We have used two other local therapy centers and we were not seeing results and we thought changing his normal therapy up might help. We started at Dream Riders


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  An amazing staff. They feel like family and truly do build a special bond with the kids they work with. I love this place and the people and cannot say enough about the comfort, education they give not only the kids but the parents, cleanliness, and attention to every little detail. Not only do they put their heart and souls into the humans but they make sure their horses are as safe and healthy as possible.

- Heather N.    

  My son suffered a TBI/stroke in May 2014 and also suffers from epilepsy. He is 2 and not yet waking. Since we started here I can say we've already seen an improvement in his standing. He loves the horses and everyone here. This place is amazing and I can't wait to see how Domenic improves. This is his 3rd week here.

- Lucian S.    

  horse therapy = awesome !

- Jen L.    

  My son has been going here since he was 2 mths old, he was diagnosed with a major stroke in utero damaging 40% of his brain with seizures. He’s now 3 yrs old and the Drs can’t find anything wrong with him. Neurologist attributes the horse therapy to his brain rewiring! I love the staff, horses, and therapists! Zech looks forward to riding every week, so blessed to have found them!

- Dana I.    

  Been going here for about 15 years with my son who is autistic. The staff is always wonderful and is very well run. This is a great place for your special needs family to go.

- Scott M.    

  It's not always easy to find love, caring and great things in this works.This is a great place to find all three. I'm so impressed with the people and their generosity.

- Jeffery M.    

  I can't rave enough about the center and ppl who work here! I wish we had started sooner! It's apparent that everyone genuinely cares about the horses and the children. I'm so thankful!

- Meerah L.    

  I love this place, excellent service and friendly people!

- Karina V.    

  This place is magical! The therapists and horses are brilliant. Our son loves going every week and has really bonded with the horse he rides . (Dakota) He also trusts his therapist (Lexi) to the moon and back! Thank you for all you do...

- Heather W.    

  MCCD is an amazing center. My son has been going there for over a year, and the people are so kind and welcoming to him. And he's made great gains with his therapist Amanda Helbling!

- Janelle S.    

  This is a lovely place with amazing horses and caring staff

- Michele P.    

  Best therapy my son ever received. Those horses were such a factor in his recovery along with the great therapists he had! Thank you!!

- Steven S.    

  My son looks forward to coming every week smile emoticon blessed to have such wonderful therapists working with my child

- Alexandra M.